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'êmûn = From H539 - trustworthiness, faithful truth.
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Fellowship Info

Fellowship Schedule:
Sunday Fellowship In Person One Week, On Zoom the Next Week, (Rotating) at 11:00am
Wednesday Night Fellowship at 8:00pm on Zoom
Evangelism Once a Month (Day of the Week Varies)

This is just a small description of what we believe, we are a HOUSE-CHURCH BASED fellowship. This
means we do LIFE TOGETHER, so we flip the pyramid upside down, the leaders must be the slaves. Our
leadership doesn't collect funds, rather we give to the needy among us.

1. We believe Jesus is the Son of God.
2. Scripture is our authority completely.
3. We love the Holy Ghost, and believe in His gifts and power.
4. We do not believe in abusing members money, give only as
you can or as God leads to the poor or serving preachers.
5. We do deliverance, casting out demons.
6. We want everyone to learn teaching and preaching or at least try.

Brother Danziel

Danziel is a servant in leading the fellowship.
Enjoys teaching, preaching, and leading others to deeper intimacy with Jesus.

Brother Chris

Chris is a servant in leading the fellowship.
Enjoys breaking down the word and discipling new believers into Christ Jesus.

Feel free to reach out by email or phone, (please TEXT ONLY
in North America Region, emails are fine from anywhere in the world).

We will design whatever you like. This business is Christian based.
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