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'êmûn = From H539 - trustworthiness, faithful truth.
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When you say yes to Jesus, you sign up for an Army. Resources are here on this site to help your warfare.
We are here to help you grow in Jesus. We have a fellowship ministry that gets together on Zoom every Wednesday at 8pm. We meet on Sundays, in person one week, then on Zoom the week following, (rotating). We are located in Louisville, KY where we evangelize, do the work of the ministry, and do LIFE together.
🙂Resources For You🙂
We are one of many branches from Christ Jesus.
Here you can find some of our main resources that not only serves you, but us all.

Emun Studio is a ministry from our fellowship in Louisville, KY, that focuses on the outreach of the internet world. Our desire is to grow together in Christ, be about the Word of God, and reach our city with the gospel. If you want to learn more, please go to our contact us page and shoot a text or email.

We will design whatever you like. This business is Christian based.
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